Single Power® Induction Melting Systems

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    Single Power® Induction Melting Systems

    Single Power® power units have been developed with serial resonance topology and are high technology systems.
    Single Power® power units, which use SCRs technology that is resistant to harsh working environments and has high current capability, provide high and long-lasting performance in harsh conditions. Single Power® power units, which aim to minimize human-induced problems with developed additional software, also offer ease of maintenance with their compact design. Thanks to the series resonance topology, Single Power® is a technology that generates less harmonics and offers low melting costs.

    • Low melting cost
    • High electrical efficiency (97%)
    • High power factor (≥0.95)
    • Fully digital, analogue-f and software update with internet connection
    • Soft start feature
    • Opportunity to monitor system parameters instantly with
    • LCD or HMI display in different languages
    • Automatic sintering software (possibility to enter 3 or more sintering programs)
    • Possibility to monitor final melting and total energy consumption
    • Grounding leak detection system with special software
    • Less harmonic generation in the grid thanks to constant DC voltage
    • Ease of maintenance with its compact design and cover that can be opened in all directions
    • Easy to use with user-friendly control panel
    • Easy assembly and low installation cost due to its compact design and modularity
    • Possibility to design 12 or 24 pulses at high powers
    • Advanced control and protection systems
    • Industry 4.0 compatibility with RS232 and RS485 communication

    • Full power
    • Inverter on
    • Voltage limit
    • Frequency limit
    • Extremely cold metal loading
    • Inverter max current limit
    • Incoming line current max limit
    • Lining sintering
    • Inverter DC current
    • Thyristor voltage unbalance

    • Inverter and rectifier section over current
    • Main fuse broken
    • Unit water low pressure
    • Unit water flow
    • Unit water over heating
    • Furnace water over heating
    • Furnace water flow
    • Furnace water pressure
    • Thyristor over heating
    • General electronics faults
    • Capacitor / door switches
    • Furnace transfer circuit breakers
    • Cabinet inside over heating
    • Line current amper balance control
    • Soft start beginning
    • Rectifier thyristors-adjustable stopping time for protection
    • There are many digital alarms and warning inputs that can be added
    • There are many analog alarms and warning inputs that can be added
    • The above protection systems are existing on units

    125DCES 300017001700900
    175DCES 300017001700900
    250DCES 300017001700900
    350DCES 3000200018001100
    600DCES 3000210021001100
    800DCES 3000240021001100
    1250DCES 300380018001100
    1500DCES 300380018001100
    2500DCES 300420018001800
    3500DCES 350450018001800
    4500DCES 300480018001800