Services and Spare Parts

Induction Furnace Electric and Electronic Replacement Parts
Our every product related to melting and heating systems is convenient to international standards. Every part is one - year guaranteed against manufacturing defect.


Induction Furnace Features
  • Quick Switch
  • Quick Fuse
  • Tristor and Diodes
  • Snubber
  • DC power supply
  • Current Transformer
  • Water - Cooler Condensers
  • Heat Keys
  • Pressure Keys
  • Current Keys
Induction Furnace Mechanical Parts
  • Coil insulation materials
  • Coil supporters
  • Coil plaster
  • Magnetic shunts
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Bottom and top concrete
  • Rustproof bracelet
  • Heat exchangers, picking cooling tower and pump module production