Casting Systems with Cameras

Casting systems with cameras : Our product allows automatic casting by monitoring the molding line continuously and minimizing the raw material losses.

Casting systems with cameras
View camera technology used in PourTECH ™ system is the status of control systems and integrated components. View technology uses large cast cups and positioning is not required; mold is used for applications. In each measurement, by accumulating number of the illuminated pixels, a measurement proportional to the flowing metal level is obtained. This level signal is used for stopper decrease during another casting process.

The Best Combination of Laser and Camera Technology

pourTECH TM Single point laser sensor
High speed DISA with extremely small pouring cup and laser channel
pourTECH TM Vision Sensor
Flask line with big sized pouring cups
pourTECH TM 3D Line Laser sensor
High speed DISA with small pouring cup & Flask lines