Quality Policy

  • To deem our employees as if they were our first customers. To be a company to treat them seriously.
  • In compliance with standarts and advancing technology to create sound, advanced productions so that not productions but customers could bome back us.
  • By increasing product quality and number to open the company to the markets abroad. To obtain more market share by producing better and new products different from other manufacturers. To give services by leaps and bounds and to present dependable and economical spare parts to customers.
  • To response the complaints made by the customers in the shortest time and to reduce them into minimum level and to get knowledge from them, to take their suggestions into consideration. To get the existing custumors in hand, to give importance them more than the the new customers.
  • To be in the way of being all along good but not to greatest. To be an international dependable brand and corporate company.
  • To be a responsible company to customers and to society in which it lives.
  • To be challenger in order to settle the integrity, quality, technology, communication and discipline in the frame of the Company, to adopt open system in management, to ve in collaboration based on trust.
  • To act in compliance with the applicable law enforcing in the field where our compamy is in active, to be in compliance with all standarts especially to ıso 9001:2000, to make trainings and arrangements in this field.

General Manager