3500KW 6Ton Duet Power System was commissioned in Özgümüş Döküm Sanayi

Indemak successfully commissioned 3500kw 6 tons Duet Power furnaces that was sold to Özgümüş Döküm Sanayi. The control systems of the commissioned furnaces have the opportunity of remote access via internet in accordance with the Industry 4.0 infrastructure. Thanks to this advantage, in case of any malfunction that may occur in the furnace system, it is possible to detect the malfunction remotely in a short time and revise it by reaching the melting related programs with the use of Siemens PLC system. The new model Indemak melting furnace equipped with Siemens PLC provided great advantages to the customer with its special programs on energy saving, lining status measurement and kWh consumption in melting process. Özgümüş Döküm Sanayi board member Bülent Özgümüş and the engineers in the company congratulated Indemak by stating that the software belonging to the melting system will benefit them a lot. Indemak, which has furnaces operating in different capacities in more than 25 countries, has proven its reliability once again with the 6ton smelting furnaces that have been put into operation in Özgümüş Foundry Industry. Özgümüş Döküm Sanayi also doubled its capacity with this system that was commissioned and at the same time, it reached the ability to take 15 tons of casting in one piece with other existing furnaces. We would like to thank Özgümüş Döküm Sanayi for the second time they prefer İndemak in their furnace investments, and we wish the new melting system investment to be beneficial.